Bounty Hunter Pioneer VLF Metal Detector Review

The Bounty Hunter Pioneer VLF, is just one of many different styles and models of metal detectors that Bounty Hunter has to offer. The idea of purchasing a metal detector for my family came to me as my son and I was walking. You see, my son is entering the first grade this year, and is already 15 pounds overweight. Naturally, I thought walking with him would be a good idea, but he just wasn’t interested in it. During one of our walks he found a bottle cap, and started to collect them. By the end of the week he had gathered over 8 bottle caps, a few old screws, and 2 pennies. Not by any means a treasure, but it did keep him occupied during our walks. Unfortunately, the bottle caps ran out along our mapped out path, and by the third week he refused to go.

I was desperate to help my son, and I knew I had to get him moving somehow. That’s when I started looking at metal detectors. At first I was in a state of shock, some of these devices cost way up in the hundreds of dollars, which was more then I could afford. After two days of online price comparison shopping, I stumbled onto Walmart’s site. That’s where I seen the Bounty Hunter Pioneer VLF, and it was affordable. At only $44.44, the price was right, but what would the quality be like?

A week later our package arrived. The metal detector required some assembly, which any one could do. Once we had it together, and had installed the two 9 volt batteries (not included), we headed for the yard. I have one word to describe this metal detector, amazing. It will pick up small coin size objects that are buried under 6 inches or less in dirt. It also has a trash eliminator, that helps you weed though the good stuff. The tone is loud enough to be heard, and it’s very light weight. No matter how tall, or short you are the telescopic pole will adjust to fit you, and the meter box is completely readable. It took us about ten minutes to read though the instruction manual, and less then five minutes to figure everything out.

This metal detector is great for beginners, and fun for the whole family. Keep in mind other sites has this same model, but the cheapest place I found was at Thanks to the Bounty Hunter Pioneer VLF Metal Detector, my son is more active, and loves walking. We haven’t found anything of value, however it is fun to look, besides bottle caps, and bolts makes a little boy happy. The only thing I dislike about this metal detector, it isn’t water proof at all. Not that I have a desire to submerge it underwater, but I worry about rain, or sprinklers when we’re out.

The Bounty Hunter Pioneer VLF metal detector has a 4 out of 5 star rating, I’d actually give it 4 and a half stars myself. I highly recommend any family that any family looking for ways to get more active, especially with kids, to get one of these. Oh, By the way, if you have a Walmart near you, and you order online, you can return it to the store for a full instant refund if your not satisfied. It don’t get any better then that.