Memories from the ‘70s…

Three days ago, me and my husband got the idea of redesigning the inside of our house. With a sudden idea we went to the nearest auction house and we bought several awesome retro furniture. It was just like a game for adults. We enjoyed every minutes of it. We bidded on everything what we wanted, fancy chairs from the ‘70s, pictures from the ‘60s and a sofa from somewhere between ’60 and ’80. We were really-really happy. While we drove home we realised that we missed a single thing that could make our house complete: a record player.

I still don’t know why we didn’t bid on those record players that was for auction. But that is the past and we could not undo it. We had to find another way to get a turntable, because our first thoughts were right, we arranged every pieces of our collection and that one product is really missing. The picture is not whole without it.

We did some research and we were terrified by the fact how expensive an old record player could be. We could have bought it in the auction for $80 and on the internet the very same is for $500 – everywhere, and we didn’t want to spend that much money on that. We agreed that we should buy a new product, with some stylish shaping. By continuing our research on the web, we came across a site which compared and deeply analysed a lot of different products. This is where we found the best record player on the market, with retro style: Pick My Turntable. We ordered it instantly. It was a little bit less than $250 which is still affordable for us.

Now we are waiting for the delivery. We already bought some vinyl disc from Gloria Gaynor, Blondie and ABBA. I can’t wait to put on those memories!